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$ 961,340
24h Trading Volume
Ƀ 35
24h Trading Volume (BTC)

Emirex was launched in 2014 and became a network of enterprises using blockchain technology to ease asset trading and completely disrupt how people use crypto. Dubai, UAE, is a dynamic destination for Eastern and Western companies, and it's where Emirex helped develop a crypto culture. Emirex is an exchange and marketplace for trading digital assets that improve economic freedom by developing censorship-resistant public networks. Emirex has grown tremendously with its business and is eager to develop even more.

The EMRX Token

Emirex offers B2C, B2B, and B2E payments and boasts over 20,000 active clients and a $10 million monthly income after growing 40-fold in a year. The exchange has over $25 million in daily volume. EMRX, the exchange's token, quadrupled last year due to ecosystem integration and active use. As the Emirex Ecosystem's native token, EMRX is used for listing fees for tokenized assets, buy/sell transaction fees, custody and servicing fees, and commission and partner incentive programs. You can also stake EMRX and other tokens to earn Ultra High APR on your tokens and withdraw anytime. Staking is your gateway to passive crypto income! Emirex also launched a tokenization section to help revolutionize the real estate market as well.

Quick, Simple, Secure

Emirex is a platform that simplifies, quickens, and secures digital asset trading. Newbies can trade digital assets easily as Emirex offers non-tech users secure, easy, compliant digital asset access on a professional trading platform supporting AED, USD, and EUR FIATs. Emirex can process 1,000,000 orders per second. Experience speedy order books, extensive trade history, endless markets, and market depth, and make spot, margin, and futures order types. The Emirex Group offers top-tier financial services to bridge the gap between the current and future economic systems.

Why You Should Use Emirex

Emirex simplifies crypto access and makes its site user-friendly. Emirex's UI is straightforward. A knowledge base guides newcomers through exchange operations. Emirex offers deep liquidity, hundreds of token pairs, and multiple trading orders. You won't get lost with Emirex's security, the convenience of access, and helpful experts. Receive and send tokens without an intermediary. Copy or Social trading lets you imitate the top traders' trades, and Emirex's referral code earns you up to 7% on your friend's and family's transactions.

Trade Whenever, Wherever

Emirex provides the most incredible trading experience, allowing you to trade on your terms. We want to help you pleasantly attain your financial goals. Emirex builds crypto economic infrastructure based on user experience and accessibility. The Emirex team launched the Emirex Android to offer all website features in your pocket, including easy bitcoin buying, selling, and trading and 24/7 support with one tap. Emirex makes crypto investment so easy that you'll want to do it all the time!

Sign Up and Keep Up

Sign up now to benefit from Emirex's low to 0% fees. Emirex offers Africa, Asia, and Europe exposure to digital assets and crypto and connects the Middle East with those markets. Decentralization and transparency in blockchain can encourage global value mobility and societal well-being, which is why emirex is dedicated to the digital economy.

Year Established2014
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Has Trading IncentiveNo
Emirex Markets
CoinPairVolumeVolume (BTC)Volume (USD)Volume %
BitcoinBTC/USDT9Ƀ 8$ 231,37424.07%
EthereumETH/USDT60Ƀ 3$ 97,84710.18%
Usd CoinUSDC/USDT64,484Ƀ 2$ 64,4886.71%
EthereumETH/BTC35Ƀ 2$ 57,7776.01%
LitecoinLTC/BTC656Ƀ 1$ 42,5574.43%
SolanaSOL/USDT1,510Ƀ 1$ 30,8183.21%
Bitcoin CashBCH/USDT99Ƀ 0$ 21,6092.25%
LitecoinLTC/USDT319Ƀ 0$ 20,6932.15%
TetherUSDT/EUR16,978Ƀ 0$ 16,9701.77%
TronTRX/USDT179,443Ƀ 0$ 15,1901.58%
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