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    • Unlock Steady Passive Income with Crypto Staking: The Ultimate Guide to CryptoHeap
      Coinpedia Fintech News - 6 hours ago
      The post Unlock Steady Passive Income with Crypto Staking: The Ultimate Guide to CryptoHeap appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Introduction to Staking Earning cryptocurrency has long been a trend, and staking is one of the most popular ways to generate passive income. CryptoHeap offers a unique opportunity to earn a steady income through staking while maintaining high liquidity. Let’s explore how it works and what benefits you can reap. What is Staking and How …
    • Notcoin (NOT) Analysis: Should You Buy It Now? 
      Coinpedia Fintech News - 9 hours ago
      The post Notcoin (NOT) Analysis: Should You Buy It Now?  appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Listed on the Binance exchange on 16 May, Notcoin(NOT) entered Coinpedia markets Top 100 crypto-list with marketcap surging to over $927 million. In no time this cryptocurrency caught investors’ attention with increased news and social media activity. NOT has been performing parallelly to meme coins. One side of the trend expects the coin to hit …
    • Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction: Will ETH Price Hit New ATH This June?
      Coinpedia Fintech News - 9 hours ago
      The post Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction: Will ETH Price Hit New ATH This June? appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News The altcoin leader, Ethereum Price, has added approximately 20% to its portfolio this month, indicating a strong bullish reversal in the crypto market. Moreover, with the rising speculations of an AltSeason soon, the ETH price continues to hover above its important support level. Post-approval of the ETH ETF, Ethereum-based tokens have displayed increased price volatility, …
    • Expert’s Guide To The Top Crypto Presales Of 2024 To Turn $100 Into $100,000
      Coinpedia Fintech News - 10 hours ago
      The post Expert’s Guide To The Top Crypto Presales Of 2024 To Turn $100 Into $100,000 appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News The crypto market is poised for a solid bullish run in 2024, and investors are on the lookout for top crypto presales that offer the most potential to turn a modest $100 investment into a staggering $100,000. This expert guide delves into four standout projects poised to offer such lucrative opportunities: ETFSwap (ETFS), BlockDAG (BDAG), …
    • Solana, Chainlink, & This Popular Altcoin Stand Against the Bearish Heat—Will the Markets Follow?
      Coinpedia Fintech News - 10 hours ago
      The post Solana, Chainlink, & This Popular Altcoin Stand Against the Bearish Heat—Will the Markets Follow? appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News The crypto space is again consolidating but under bearish influence. The selling pressure is slowly mounting over the tokens but some manage to hold a tight grip over the rally. While memecoins are leading the top gainers, popular altcoins like Solana (SOL), Chainlink (LINK), and Polygon (LINK) withstand the selling pressure as the bulls appear …
    • Unveiling Unique Investment Opportunity To Make Profit From 48 Hours
      Coinpedia Fintech News - 10 hours ago
      The post Unveiling Unique Investment Opportunity To Make Profit From 48 Hours appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News The launch of NewGold Coin at the Exchanges will start soon and the price of each token could rise to $1000 to $100,000 USD in the near future.  Project Overview: A Rare Gem with Limited Supply In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, where opportunities abound, but scarcity is a prized asset, we are excited to …
    • The next runner in the Pepe Narrative is Kermit on Solana, and the community have taken over
      Coinpedia Fintech News - 10 hours ago
      The post The next runner in the Pepe Narrative is Kermit on Solana, and the community have taken over appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News It’s been a wild 72  hours since Kermit launched on Pump.Fun- the fairest way to launch Solana tokens where LP is burnt. It skyrocketed with the support of well-known KOLs, the dev burnt over 70% of the supply, but then for whatever reason, we thought Kermit was over.  Kermit is the most well-known Frog in …
    • Ethereum (ETH) Price Initiates a Rebound: Will it Rise Above $4000 in the Next 24 Hours?
      Coinpedia Fintech News - 10 hours ago
      The post Ethereum (ETH) Price Initiates a Rebound: Will it Rise Above $4000 in the Next 24 Hours? appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Bearish clouds are again floating over the crypto space as the selling pressure is slowly increasing. Bitcoin, which aimed to surpass $70,000 despite the recent rejection, has slumped hard below $68,500, circulating bearish waves across the markets. Amid growing negative impact within the market, the second largest token, Ethereum, has been displaying some strength. While …
    • Is Chainlink the NEXT BIG THING? Expert Predicts LINK Price to Break Yearly Highs
      Coinpedia Fintech News - 11 hours ago
      The post Is Chainlink the NEXT BIG THING? Expert Predicts LINK Price to Break Yearly Highs appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Chainlink’s price surge persists, marking a notable 5% uptick in the past 24 hours. This climb has propelled the cryptocurrency to hit $18.82, its highest point this month, signaling a strong bullish trend. Despite a minor dip, Chainlink stands firm at $18.18, showcasing its sustained market resilience. Analyst’s Optimism Fuels Market Enthusiasm Renowned crypto analyst …
    • Hong Kong’s LBank Lists KNINE, Shiba Inu Reacts
      Coinpedia Fintech News - 11 hours ago
      The post Hong Kong’s LBank Lists KNINE, Shiba Inu Reacts appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News LBank, based in Hong Kong, has announced the listing of KNINE, the governance token of K9 Finance. LBank has listed KNINE under the KNINE/USDT pair in the innovation zone. Users can now deposit KNINE into their bank accounts in preparation for trading, which is scheduled to commence today. The exchange will open withdrawals starting tomorrow. …
    • JPMorgan Chase Paying $100,000,000 Fine, Issues Rare Admission of Guilt in Settlement With US Financial Regulator
      The Daily Hodl - 1 hour ago
      JPMorgan Chase has issued a rare admission of guilt and agreed to pay a $100 million fine to a US market regulator. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) says the trillion-dollar bank admits that it failed to monitor billions of orders from its traders and clients – a mandatory process designed to detect market misconduct. […] The post JPMorgan Chase Paying $100,000,000 Fine, Issues Rare Admission of Guilt in Settlement With US Financial Regulator appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
    • UK’s First Spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs Begin Trading on the London Stock Exchange
      The Daily Hodl - 2 hours ago
      The sixth-largest stock exchange in the world has officially begun trading Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded notes (ETNs). According to the London Stock Exchange (LSE), today marks the launch of ETH and BTC ETN trading. “We are pleased to announce the launch of Crypto ETNs on the London Stock Exchange, effective 28 May 2024, […] The post UK’s First Spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs Begin Trading on the London Stock Exchange appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
    • European Commission Arm Says Convergence of Blockchain and AI Is ‘Upcoming Trend’ To Watch
      The Daily Hodl - 4 hours ago
      European Union (EU) researchers think the convergence of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) could have “significant potential.” In a new report, the EU’s Blockchain Observatory and Forum (EUBOF), an initiative that monitors distributed ledger developments across the continent, probed the current regulatory status of crypto assets in the 27 EU member states, as well […] The post European Commission Arm Says Convergence of Blockchain and AI Is ‘Upcoming Trend’ To Watch appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
    • Altcoins Poised To Rip in First Major Market Expansion Since 2021, According to Crypto Analyst – Here’s His Outlook
      The Daily Hodl - 4 hours ago
      A popular crypto analyst says technical indicators are suggesting altcoins are about to go parabolic. Pseudonymous analyst TechDev tells his 452,400 followers on the social media platform X that several indicators suggest the crypto market is replicating a 2020 pattern that led to a massive bull cycle. “The entire crypto market has just begun its […] The post Altcoins Poised To Rip in First Major Market Expansion Since 2021, According to Crypto Analyst – Here’s His Outlook appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
    • New York Attorney General Says She Will ‘Go After’ Crypto Companies Who Don’t Play by the Rules
      The Daily Hodl - 5 hours ago
      New York Attorney General (NYAG) Letitia James is issuing a warning to crypto companies, saying that she will pursue those who act in violation of the law. In a post on the social media platform X, James says her sights are locked on erring digital asset firms. “Crypto companies must play by the same rules […] The post New York Attorney General Says She Will ‘Go After’ Crypto Companies Who Don’t Play by the Rules appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
    • Weekly Institutional Investments Push Year-to-Date Inflows to Record High of $14,900,000,000: CoinShares
      The Daily Hodl - 5 hours ago
      Digital assets manager CoinShares says institutions poured over a billion dollars into crypto products last week amid the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded product (ETP) approval. In its latest Digital Asset Fund Flows report, CoinShares says digital asset investment products reached a new record last week when crypto exchange products reached $14.9 billion […] The post Weekly Institutional Investments Push Year-to-Date Inflows to Record High of $14,900,000,000: CoinShares appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
    • Bitcoin Corrects As $9,666,000,000 Worth of Mt. Gox Coins Suddenly Start Moving
      The Daily Hodl - 6 hours ago
      Bitcoin touched the $67,409 level early Tuesday on news that former crypto exchange Mt. Gox rearranged nearly $10 billion in BTC. Mt. Gox was at one point the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange before abruptly going bankrupt and “losing” most of its coins due to theft. The exchange ultimately recovered most of its coins and has […] The post Bitcoin Corrects As $9,666,000,000 Worth of Mt. Gox Coins Suddenly Start Moving appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
    • Argentinian Regulators Meet With El Salvador Official To Explore Bitcoin and Crypto Adoption
      The Daily Hodl - 7 hours ago
      Argentinian government officials met with El Salvador’s top crypto regulator last week to discuss the role of digital assets in society. Roberto E. Silva and Patricia Boedo, the president and vice president of the Comisión Nacional de Valores’ (CNV), Argentina’s market regulator, spoke with Juan Carlos Reyes, president of the National Commission of Digital Assets […] The post Argentinian Regulators Meet With El Salvador Official To Explore Bitcoin and Crypto Adoption appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
    • Big Altcoin Rallies Are in Sight, According to Trader Who Nailed Recent Bitcoin Correction – Here’s When
      The Daily Hodl - 9 hours ago
      A crypto strategist who accurately called the pre-halving Bitcoin (BTC) correction thinks altcoins are close to taking center stage. Pseudonymous analyst Rekt Capital tells his 473,400 followers on the social media platform X that he’s keeping an eye on the OTHERS chart, which traders use to track the altcoin market as it measures the total […] The post Big Altcoin Rallies Are in Sight, According to Trader Who Nailed Recent Bitcoin Correction – Here’s When appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
    • Crypto Investor Arthur Cheong Predicts Big Ethereum Rally Before ETH ETF Starts Trading
      The Daily Hodl - 12 hours ago
      Veteran crypto investor Arthur Cheong is predicting a rally for Ethereum (ETH) ahead of a possible launch of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for the top altcoin. Cheong, the founder of DeFiance Capital, tells his 167,400 followers on the social media platform X that Ethereum could soar nearly 14% from the current value before spot ETH ETFs […] The post Crypto Investor Arthur Cheong Predicts Big Ethereum Rally Before ETH ETF Starts Trading appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
    • ‘Tickle-to-Earn’ Cat Game Prompts Massive Spike in Aptos Transactions
      Decrypt - 2 hours ago
      Every time you tickle a cat, a transaction is made. This concept led to Aptos recording over 115 million transactions on Saturday alone.
    • He Went Viral for Asking Trump a Question—Did It Save Crypto in the US?
      Decrypt - 3 hours ago
      This shades-wearing NFT builder has become a crypto folk hero amid U.S. policy shifts, after his question to Donald Trump went viral. Here’s his side of the saga.
    • Pepe Active Wallets Double as Ethereum Meme Coin Hits All-Time High Price
      Decrypt - 3 hours ago
      The frog-inspired meme coin set several new all-time highs this month, coasting even higher after the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs.
    • Top Dogs: Floki, Bonk, and Dogwifhat Prices Rise as Bitcoin and Ethereum Cool
      Decrypt - 4 hours ago
      Top cryptocurrencies may have slowed down—but memes are still on a run.
    • GameStop Stock Price Surges 37%—Even as Roaring Kitty Remains Silent
      Decrypt - 5 hours ago
      The surge came after GameStop made nearly $1 billion selling its own stock, as revealed during the latest meme stock saga.
    • Bitcoin Mining Giant in the Making? Riot Reveals Bitfarms Takeover Plan
      Decrypt - 5 hours ago
      Bitcoin miner Riot has made an unsolicited offer to buy Bitfarms in a move to create the largest publicly-traded mining company.
    • FOMO HOUR 125 - ETH NEARS 4K
      Decrypt - 6 hours ago
      ETH leads rally on continued bullish ETF sentiment. Previous anti-crypto Trump comments highlighted. Wave of influencers and celebrities hacked, release coins. Phantom becomes no.1 finance app in the US. Argentina & El Salvador hold talks on BTC adoption. LINK to have large announcement on May 30th. PEPE, MOG, TURBO, TRUMP hit ATHs in ETH memes. MOG up 60%, mentioned in Beeple Everyday. Caitlyn Jenner hacker releases JENNER coin. Garga outlines future plans for BAYC. Friend Tech founder offers $200k to migrate off Base.
    • Another MicroStrategy? Semler Surges 33% After Adopting Bitcoin as Treasury Asset
      Decrypt - 6 hours ago
      Semler Scientific says Bitcoin will produce outsized returns as it gains adoption as an inflation hedge similar to gold.
    • Ethereum Game 'The Sandbox' Launches DAO to Let Players Shape Its Future
      Decrypt - 7 hours ago
      The Sandbox DAO will progressively decentralize over time, and debut with a proposed annual budget of $11 million worth of SAND tokens.
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Preview: Everything You Need to Know
      Decrypt - 7 hours ago
      UPDATED: Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will hit Xbox Game Pass on day one. Here’s everything we know ahead of the full reveal.
    • FTX Exec Ryan Salame Sentenced to 7.5 Years in Prison—But He Can Keep His Porsche
      Decrypt - 7 hours ago
      The former co-conspirator to Sam Bankman-Fried has been sentenced to 90 months in prison—but Ryan Salame can hold onto his Porsche.
    • False Alarm: Former Mt. Gox CEO Says Bitcoin Repayments Haven't Started Yet
      Decrypt - 9 hours ago
      But when redistributions do begin, a Glassnode analyst says Bitcoiners shouldn’t overly worry about a market crash.
    • Caitlyn Jenner Says Meme Coin Creator Owes Her 'Lots of Money'
      Decrypt - 9 hours ago
      After launching a meme coin, Caitlyn Jenner claims that her crypto promoter has “scammed her” and gone “radio silent.”
    • Why One Solana Validator Voted Against Increasing Priority Fees
      Decrypt - 11 hours ago
      The validator says the proposal only fixes half the problem and others say removing the burn function will make SOL inflationary.
    • 'Fortnite' Is the Best It's Been in Years With New Season—Here's Why
      Decrypt - 12 hours ago
      Between killer cars, speedy mobility options, and a vibe that really clicks, Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 3 is a tremendous upgrade.
    • Notcoin Touches $1 Billion Market Cap After 'Earnings Missions' Launch
      Decrypt - 14 hours ago
      Last week, Notcoin launched “earning missions,” which enable users to earn passsive rewards of NOT tokens through completing quests.
    • Bitcoin Falls After Mt. Gox Wallets Move $9 Billion Worth of BTC
      Decrypt - 14 hours ago
      As of Tuesday morning, the wallet that Mt. Gox sent the funds to is still holding $9.6 billion worth of Bitcoin.
    • Chainlink Booms Amid Swift Payments Update, Ethereum ETF Rush
      Decrypt - 1 day ago
      It’s been a quiet day for crypto markets—but Chainlink’s LINK is rising on a raft of good news.
    • Ethereum Bull Run Imminent Following ETF Approvals: Analysts
      Decrypt - 1 day ago
      The price of ETH is up more than 25% over two weeks, and even with some downward pressure from a possible Grayscale sell off, long-term growth looks strong.
    • How to Remove AI Overview from Your Google Searches
      Decrypt - 1 day ago
      Here are a ways to get classic Google web search results back at the top of the page using a variety of browsers.
    • Bitcoin Spot ETFs Now Control Over 1 Million BTC
      Decrypt - 1 day ago
      Grayscale and BlackRock collectively hold more than half of the $70.5 billion in BTC ETFs funds.
    • Bitcoin Over $70K Amid Argentina Legal Tender Talks, Ethereum Flirts with $4K
      Decrypt - 1 day ago
      Bitcoin rises over the $70,000 threshold amid international adoption talks, and $17 million in Ethereum short positions are liquidated as it rises.
    • Meet the Crypto Promoter Who Says He Launched Caitlyn Jenner's Solana Meme Coin
      Decrypt - 1 day ago
      After Caitlyn Jenner’s Twitter account posted a link, someone has claimed to have deployed the token.
    • Political Meme Coins Surge After Trump Libertarian Convention Speech
      Decrypt - 1 day ago
      The former president attempted to cast himself as the pro-crypto candidate during his speech, which was met with jeers from the audience.
    • Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Thanks Trump for Pardon Promise
      Decrypt - 1 day ago
      “Last night, Donald Trump pledged to commute my sentence on day 1, if reelected. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,” Ulbricht wrote on Twitter.
    • These Are All the Ethereum ETFs Approved in the US
      Decrypt - 2 days ago
      Many major investment firms have gotten the green light from the SEC to list spot Ethereum ETFs in the U.S. Here’s the running list.
    • How to Run Any AI App With Just a Few Clicks With Pinokio
      Decrypt - 2 days ago
      Open-source AI tools are powerful and ensure privacy, but installing them has been notoriously complicated—until now.
    • This Week in Crypto Games: Gala's $240M Exploit, NYAN Token Launch, 'Notcoin' Earning Missions
      Decrypt - 2 days ago
      Catch up on this week’s biggest crypto and NFT gaming news and find some weekend reads in our latest roundup.
    • Biggest Video Games Releasing in June 2024
      Decrypt - 2 days ago
      Elden Ring and Destiny 2 expansions lead June’s release slate, but there are some quirkier picks in the mix too.
    • ETF Approval Changes Everything, Says Ethereum Co-Founder Joe Lubin
      Decrypt - 2 days ago
      The Consensys CEO believes the week’s seismic events have proven that politics is guiding crypto regulation now—and that’s good news for the industry.
    • This Week on Crypto Twitter: Six Days That Changed the Industry Forever?
      Decrypt - 2 days ago
      A 180-degree turn from the SEC and bipartisan support for digital asset legislation may have redefined America’s relationship to crypto.
      Decrypt - 4 days ago
      ETH ETFs get approved 19b-4 forms. ETFs won’t trade until July or August: Galaxy. ETF means many coins not securities: Coinbase CLO. Coinbase relists XRP in US. SOL ETF coming: Scaramucci. US House passes vote to ban CBDC. Building a pro-crypto army in congress: Sen. Lummis. Polymarket backlash over if ETH ETF truly approved. Expect ETH ETFs to be 10-15% of BTC: Bloomberg. BTC ETFs see $1.75bn inflows over 9 days. BTC to $150k in 2024 is base case: Tom Lee. ETH co-founder moves $37m ETH to exchanges. Grayscale launches trusts for STX & NEAR. Coinbase loses against SEC on DOGE sweepstakes. ALGO ad attacks BTC, SOL, ETH. Phantom now no.2 finance App on Google Play.
      Decrypt - 5 days ago
      ETH soars, ETF S1 approvals expected in hours. US house greenlights FIT21 bill with broad support. Gensler says SEC already has rules for crypto. Hong Kong set to allow ETH staking for ETFs. ETH OI continues to soar. SOL mentioned as next ETF candidate on CNBC. SOL ETF will take years: Bloomberg. MetaMask plans BTC integration. Fed says only 7% of Americans own crypto. SBF heads to a new prison. Hong Kong orders WLD shutdown. TON added to Binance ahead of potential listing.
      Decrypt - 6 days ago
      ETH ETFs move closer to approval, drop staking. Blackrock ETF see biggest inflow in 6 weeks. Grayscale ETH discount narrows under 10%. BTC & ETH heading for ATH: StanChart. Banana zone squared coming for ETH: Raoul Pal. Trump accepts crypto donations including DOGE. Pelosi mulls support of crypto bill. Farcaster raises $150M, DEGEN up 20%. Coinbase to launch gold & oil futures trading. Uniswap ‘ready to fight’ against SEC. Vitalik proposes solutions to MEV problems. Phantom may soon support email sign-up. Jupiter announces initiative to tokenise RWAs.
      Decrypt - 1 week ago
      ETH ETF suddenly seems likely, flurry of amendments. ETH biggest daily gain ever, gains SOL market cap. ETF approval shifted due to political pressure. ETF approval may come as soon as tomorrow. Squeeze liquidates $230M of shorts. ETH OI hits record of $14B on exchanges. BTC nears ATH amid 6th straight day of ETF inflows. SOL flips ETH in Google search trends. House Democrats will not whip against crypto bills. Anti-crypto FDIC chair Gruenberg to step-down. Grayscale CEO steps down, ETHE discount narrows. Genesis settles for $2B with creditors. Binance to focus launchpad on higher float projects. SEI v2 launch coming next week.
    • We Do A Little With Chikai
      Decrypt - 1 week ago
      In this week’s episode, we sit down with our good friend and one of the biggest supporters of the pod, Chikai Ohazama. Chikai is the co-founder of Keyhole which was acquired by Google and became Google Earth. He is one of the most caring art collectors in our space, as well as an extremely talented AI artist.
      Decrypt - 1 week ago
      SOL again leads majors, DEX volume dwarfs others. BTC whales buys $106M in 24hrs. ETH ETF decision on Thursday or Friday. 5 of 7 onchain indicators ‘point to bull-run’. ETH ETF may be rejected due to weak link to futures. AI coins in focus ahead of Nvidia earnings. Cobie inks new article on low float, high FDV coins. ETH foundation staff reveal links to EigenLayer. 12 L2 & L3s controlled by single multisig. Layer Zero pauses sybil rewards. Aevo to airdrop pre-launch tokens on platform. FTM to migrate one-to-one to Sonic S coin. UK judge rules Craig Wright is not Satoshi.
      Decrypt - 1 week ago
      SOL leads majors higher again, BTC stable. ETFs see $257M inflow, volumes hit 2 month high. 414 holders of BlackRock ETF ‘blows away record’. SOL continues to be fastest blockage despite usage. Pump. fun exploited for $1.9M by ex-employee. LINK up 20% after partnership with top banks. Senate also repeals SEC crypto rule. US Senator uses laser eyes PFP. Tether mints another $1B USDT. Bitcoin production costs now $45K: JP Morgan. Pink Drainer retires after stealing $85m assets. PancakeSwap to reimburse fees on Uniswap. TON & Tether partnership on payment solution. Trabucco writes character defence of Ryan Salame.
      Decrypt - 1 week ago
      Bitcoin has best day in 2 months after dovish CPI. ETFs see $300M inflow, highest in weeks. ETH continues to underperform ahead of ETF ruling. Millennium buys $2B of BTC ETF. CME group to launch BTC spot trading. Fed’s Kashkari compares BTC to beanie babies. Tate says he will buy $100M BTC. El Salvador now owns 5750 BTC. Binance creates ‘antidote’ to address poisoning. Tornado Cash developer appeals conviction. China busts $1.9B USDT banking racket. MEV bot operators charged with fraud by DoJ. Swiss to adopt global crypto tax rules. FTX repayments create ‘bullish overhang’ for crypto. SEI up 30% after proposing v2 upgrade.
      Decrypt - 1 week ago
      BTC bounces driven by spot buying. US ETF sees $100M+ inflow for first time in weeks. State of Wisconsin buys $170M of BTC ETF. Vanguard appoints Bitcoin friendly CEO. Coinbase sees billions of BTC leave exchange. BTC to consolidate between $55-75K: Novogratz. SOL beats ETH TEV for first time ever. ETH may be labelled a security by SEC next week. AI & memes the only two positive sectors this week. Crypto hostility led by TradFi: Lubin. Tornado Cash developer guilty of money laundering. Circle shifts legal hope to US ahead of IPO. Cypher developer gambled $300K of customer funds.
      Decrypt - 1 week ago
      Crypto falls, stays in range ahead of CPI tomorrow. US ETFs see small net inflow led by Fidelity HK ETFs wipe 2 weeks of inflows in a single day. Bracebridge bought $363m of BTC ETFs. Coinbase has system wide outage. Poloniex hacker sends funds to Tornado Cash. Brazil biggest in LATAM for crypto trading. Biden removes China BTC miner near military base. CertiK patches $5m flaw in Aptos bridge. LayerZero sees 100k bot accounts self-report. DYDX CEO set to leave. Tate sells $500k BTC to buy GME.
    • We Do A Little With Roger Dickerman
      Decrypt - 1 week ago
      In this week’s episode, we sit down with our good friend and founder of the 24 Hours of Art, Roger Dickerman. We dive into Roger’s background in trading and fitness, his love of art, founding Artifex and 24 Hours of Art, the power of routines, and so much more.
    • We Do A Little With Funghi
      Decrypt - 1 week ago
      In this week’s episode, we sit down with our good friend and co-founder of Shillr, Funghibull. Funghi is one of our favorite collectors, builders and overall people in the space. We dive into Funghi’s background playing rugby, going to medical school in Scotland, 10 gram mushroom trips, finding punks, forming Shillr, and so much more.
    • Mika Breaks Down Solana Congestion
      Decrypt - 1 week ago
      Rug Radio Creator and crypto influencer Mika explains what happened during Solana’s Q1 2024 network congestion through Kraken’s Learn Center.
    • Mika Explains the Bitcoin Halving
      Decrypt - 1 week ago
      Rug Radio Creator and crypto influencer Mika explains the recent Bitcoin halving and how you can build your understanding through Kraken’s Learn Center.
    • My Neighbor Alice Season 1 Beta Goes Live
      Decrypt - 2 weeks ago
      Rug Radio Creator Orangie plays the new season of multiplayer builder-game My Neighbor Alice and tries out all its features.
    • Solana Leads The Bounce
      Decrypt - 2 weeks ago
      Crypto up despite ETF outflow, SOL outperforms. HK ETFs also see another net daily outflow. SOL flips ETH again in 24hr DEX volume. SOL revenue now 50% of ETH. Bitcoin above $1m by 2030: Dorsey. Bitcoin & Kucoin get license in India. Kraken tries to get SEC case dismissed. Stand with Crypto sets up election war chest. VIP customers make up two thirds of Binance volume. NOT to launch on Binance & OKX. TON up 20%, speculation it will be listed after NOT. Securitize & BlackRock look to launch on ARB. Franklin Templeton calls for ‘Base season’. EIGEN claims go live today, will be un-transferable. Eclipse founder leaves after harassment claims.
    • Inside Manhattan’s Newest On-Chain Fashion Store: 9dcc
      Decrypt - 2 weeks ago
      At NFT NYC, Decrypt’s Sander Lutz explored the on-chain fashion brand’s latest pop-up, and spoke to its founder Gmoney about 9dcc’s future expansion plans.
    • BTC Sinks Lower
      Decrypt - 3 weeks ago
      HK ETF volumes disappoint at $11M, crypto sinks. US ETFs see another $52M outflow, 4th straight day. EigenLayer FUD after 5% non-transferable airdrop. EigenLayer also geoblocks USA for claims. 5K+ withdrawals after EigenLayer announcement. Microstrategy bought another $8M BTC in April. Miner revenue drops to 2023 lows. Consensys vs SEC litigation will take years: Cowen. SEC had been investigating ETH for a year. Gensler may have misled Congress with ETH stance.KMNO hits $363M on launch. Decentralised Rune airdrop opens at $102M. Friend Tech airdrop delayed until Thursday. NFTfi airdrop claim today.
    • A Very Red Week For Crypto
      Decrypt - 3 weeks ago
      Majors hit locals lows, break key support levels. Liquidations hit $420M, funding remains neutral. ETFs saw $344M withdrawals in April. CZ gets 4-month jail sentence. FTX sells $232M locked SOL at ‘around $100’. Final integration of SOL Firedancer ‘well underway’. SOL, DOGE, XRP open interest down 51% in a month. BlackRock BUIDL largest tokenised treasury fund. Uniswap integrates with Robinhood connect. Stablecoin bill may be coming very soon. Gensler lied to Congress: McHenry. KSI steps back from crypto trading. Coinbase supports Lightning network. BCH creator arrested in Spain. EigenLayer sees 12K queued withdrawals.
    • Breaking Barriers: Dogecoin Could Double If Key Resistance Crumbles – Analyst
      NewsBTC - 1 hour ago
      Dogecoin (DOGE) is currently at a pivotal juncture, confronting substantial resistance levels that could significantly impact its future price trajectory. Crypto analyst Ali highlights a critical resistance zone on DOGE’s chart. Despite the asset’ currently facing a price decline, Ali noted that should the Dogecoin price break above this key resistance, we could see a massive rally for the memecoin. Related Reading: Dogecoin Bulls On The Rise: Analyst Highlight Path To $0.2 DOGE’s Decisive Battle: Overcoming Critical Resistance for Potential Price Surge In a post published on May 28, Ali highlighted a critical resistance zone between $0.166 and $0.171, notably bolstered by the collective holdings of approximately 10 billion DOGE held by 75,500 addresses. This significant aggregation of Dogecoin at these specific price points forms a strong barrier, complicating the asset’s ability to surge in value. Ali posits that if Dogecoin can effectively surpass this resistance, it may trigger a substantial price surge. Breaking through this level could lead to doubling its current price, setting the stage for an assault on the next major resistance mark at $0.322. #Dogecoin is encountering significant resistance between $0.166 and $0.171, where 75,500 addresses have acquired nearly 10 billion $DOGE. However, once this barrier is overcome, #DOGE has the potential to double, with the next key resistance around $0.322 — Ali (@ali_charts) May 28, 2024 This scenario presents a potentially lucrative opportunity for investors but also requires navigating a densely packed zone of accumulated holdings that could stall or propel Dogecoin’s ascent in the market. The importance of this resistance zone is further magnified by current market conditions, where Dogecoin has experienced a correction, decreasing by 4.9% in the past 24 hours and settling at a trading price of $1.633. This downturn is part of a broader altcoin retreat. Dogecoin’s open interest declined by 8.26% over the past day, although its open interest volume surged nearly 20% in the same period. Other Predictions And Market Sentiment Around Dogecoin Despite the immediate challenges, some analysts remain optimistic about Dogecoin. Mags, a noted crypto analyst, has recently predicted a potential 700% increase in Dogecoin’s price, propelling it above the $1 mark. This bullish forecast is supported by recent improvements in Dogecoin’s on-chain metrics, suggesting a robust recovery and promising prospects for the meme coin. Related Reading: Dogecoin Whales On The Move: Transactions Surge More Than 50% Amid ETF Speculation Mags shared his enthusiasm on X, indicating his investment in DOGE over the past few months in anticipation of significant gains. $DOGE about to go parabolic.. Last cycle, I shared Dogecoin before it went up by 170x. I’ve been accumulating Dogecoin for the past few months and my bags are loaded. I’m expecting a 7x return this cycle. See you at $1+ 🫡 — Mags (@thescalpingpro) May 25, 2024 Featured image from DALL·E, Chart from TradingView
    • Ethereum Spot ETFs: Report Shows Grayscale Could Keep ETH Price Down With $110M Daily Outflows
      NewsBTC - 2 hours ago
      A recent market report by research firm Kaiko noted how Grayscale’s Spot Ethereum ETF could have a negative impact on Ethereum’s (ETH) price. This is based on the firm’s expectations that Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust (ETHE) could follow a similar path to Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). Ethereum Could Face Significant Selling Pressure From Grayscale’s Outflows Kaiko noted that Ethereum could face significant selling pressure from Grayscale’s ETHE once the Spot Ethereum ETFs begin trading. This is because the fund has been trading at a discount between 6% and 26% over the past three months, with a wave of profit-taking likely to concur. It is worth mentioning that Grayscale’s ETHE has previously operated as a closed-end fund, with Grayscale simply applying to convert it to an exchange-traded fund (ETF).  Related Reading: Crypto Analyst Says XRP Price Will Crash 80% To $0.10, What’s The Trigger? The research firm noted that Grayscale’s ETHE has over $11 billion in assets under management (AuM). That means that $110 million of daily average outflows could leave the fund if Grayscale’s Ethereum ETF sees a similar magnitude of outflows to Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF, whose $6.5 billion outflows in the first month of trading amounted to 23% of the fund’s AuM.  Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) also operated in a similar fashion before it was converted to an ETF. This is believed to have contributed to the $6.5 billion outflows the fund recorded in the first month of trading, with many investors taking profit since they purchased the fund at a discount. Therefore, Kaiko expects that something similar could happen with Grayscale’s ETHE.  The outflows that Grayscale’s Spot Bitcoin ETF is known to have exerted significant selling pressure on Bitcoin’s price, causing the flagship crypto to decline significantly. As such, the same thing can be expected with Ethereum’s price if Grayscale’s Spot Ethereum ETF suffers a similar fate.  However, besides investors taking profit from Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF, Grayscale’s fund fee is believed to be another factor that sparked the significant outflows it recorded back then. For context, Grayscale’s fee was the highest among all the Bitcoin ETF issuers. As such, the potential outflows from Grayscale’s Ethereum ETF could be minimally reduced if the asset manager makes it fee competitive this time around.  Ethereum’s Future Trajectory Still Bullish Kaiko suggested that Ethereum is still bound to make significant price gains once other Ethereum Spot ETFs begin to record impressive inflows that can overshadow the outflows from Grayscale’s ETHE. Something similar happened with Bitcoin, as Kaiko noted that Grayscale GBTC’s outflows were offset and surpassed by inflows from other Bitcoin ETFs by the end of January.  Related Reading: Crypto Analyst Predicts 28,900% Rally To $154 For XRP Price, Here’s When Thanks to the impressive demand that these Bitcoin ETFs recorded, the flagship crypto hit a new all-time high (ATH) in March earlier this year. The Ethereum ETFs could also trigger such a rally for ETH’s price depending on the amount of inflows these funds record once they begin trading.  Meanwhile, Kaiko noted…
    • Bitcoin Inflow To Exchanges At 2016 Levels, Impact On Price Will Be Low Even If Mt. Gox Sells
      NewsBTC - 3 hours ago
      Bitcoin briefly shot over $70,000 yesterday before plunging below $69,000 to spot rates. While there are hints of weakness, one analyst on X notes that inflow to exchanges like Binance and OKX is subdued, meaning that users are not keen to sell despite prices tanking and failing to break $72,000. Bitcoin Inflow To Exchanges Remain Low The analyst notes that exchange inflows are low at spot rates. As of May 28, exchanges received just 25.9K BTC daily. From historical exchange inflow data from CryptoQuant, the current inflow rate is at the 2016 level.  There was a sharp pick-up in momentum after 2016, but the inflow to exchanges has been shrinking since the beginning of the year. It should be noted that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved nine spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) around this time.  Related Reading: Bullish Bitcoin: Expert Cites $123,832 Target Based On Past Trends With this product in the United States, some large whales likely decided to convert their coins and hold ETFs instead. In this way, they diverted custody to an approved custodian, depending on the spot Bitcoin ETF issuer they chose. Mt. Gox Moving BTC: How Will Prices React If They Sell? While the average inflow to exchanges is at 2016 levels, there might be changes in the coming months. On May 28, Mt. Gox, the defunct crypto exchange hacked in 2014, moved over $9.4 billion of BTC, data from Token Unlocks show. This unexpected transfer sparked market concerns. Currently, the intention remains unknown. Still, the implications could be dire if they decide to liquidate on exchanges. Even with this possibility, the analyst argued that BTC’s low average exchange inflow to exchanges would be a timely cushion. Should Mt.Gox creditors decide to sell, the analyst believes the market will easily absorb this sell-off despite increased initial volatility. What this means is that the price impact will be minimal. Related Reading: Polkadot (DOT) Price Prediction: Analyst Sparks Bullish Frenzy With $10 Target Before being hacked and losing over 800,000 BTC, Mt. Gox was a popular Bitcoin exchange. At one point, it commanded over 70% of all global BTC trading volume. In the next few months, victims of the unfortunate hack will be compensated. Feature image from DALLE, chart from TradingView
    • Chainlink’s Performance Crucial For Altcoin Market, Analyst Suggests Rally Ahead
      NewsBTC - 4 hours ago
      Chainlink (LINK) has recently been identified as a significant influencer within the altcoin sector. Noted by crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe, LINK’s market movements are increasingly seen as a barometer for the broader altcoin ecosystem. This observation places Chainlink at the center of potential market trends, suggesting that its performance could presage movements across other cryptocurrencies. Related Reading: While Ethereum Shines, Top Analyst Reveals His Best ‘Under-Radar’ Altcoin Chainlink $16 Mark: Catalyst for Altcoin Market Optimism Van de Poppe’s analysis, shared on social media platform X, underscores the importance of Chainlink’s price stability around the $16 mark. Maintaining this level is crucial for sustaining LINK’s upward trajectory towards yearly highs. This sentiment reflects broader market optimism surrounding Chainlink, particularly as it navigates pivotal price points. Strong momentum for #Chainlink. Apparently, Chainlink is an indicator for the altcoins. If Chainlink does well, then I expect the altcoins to continue moving. As long as $16 holds, we’ll see a continuation on Chainlink towards the yearly highs. — Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) May 28, 2024 Over the past week, Chainlink has shown robust performance, registering a near 10% increase and stabilizing above the critical $16 threshold. Current trading prices are around $18.09. This uptrend coincides with a general bullish sentiment across the altcoin market, highlighted by the overall market cap for altcoins increasing from $930 billion earlier in the month to $1.156 trillion. This positive trend in the altcoin market is further exemplified by the major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, BNB, and XRP, which, despite minor retracements, continue to show strong market potential. For instance, while these top altcoins have seen slight declines in the past 24 hours, Solana has experienced a 2.7% increase, which could indicate selective investor confidence in specific altcoins. Analysis and Predictive Insights So far, the altcoin market cap shows a recent breach and conversion of major resistance into support, marking a brewing upsurge in the altcoin market. Meanwhile, trader Tardigrade from the crypto analytics community has recently posited that the altcoin market could triple if the ‘Crypto Total Market Cap excluding Bitcoin’ successfully breaks out of its current inverse Head & Shoulders pattern. #Altcoin market will surge 3x if $Total2 (Crypto Total Market Cap excluding #Bitcoin) breakout this inverse Head & Shoulders Pattern. We are now at the end of the right shoulder. It is expected to breakout in a few weeks time according to this pattern.#Altseason #ETH #SOL #Alts — Trader Tardigrade (@TATrader_Alan) May 26, 2024 This breakout is anticipated to occur within the next few weeks, marking a possibly transformative period for the altcoin market. Related Reading: Altcoin Season Soon? Quant Says This Ethereum Pattern Could Suggest So Echoing this bullish outlook, RektCapital points out the possibility of the Altcoin Market Cap achieving its highest weekly close since early April 2024, adhering closely to previously outlined projections. Featured image created with DALL·E, Chart from TradingView
    • Market Expert Says XRP Price Reaching $1,000 Is Inevitable, Here’s Why
      NewsBTC - 5 hours ago
      Despite its unimpressive price action, crypto analysts have maintained faith in the XRP price, offering bullish price predictions for the crypto token. This time, crypto analyst BarriC has predicted that XRP’s price reaching four figures will undoubtedly happen.  XRP Price Will Reach $1,000 At Some Point BarriC explained in an X (formerly Twitter) post why he believes XRP will eventually reach $1,000. He mentioned that no one could have envisaged that Bitcoin would hit $73,000 when it was still trading at $330 in 2016. He also made reference to other crypto tokens like Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana, and Dogecoin, which were trading really low at some point and went on to make significant price gains.  Related Reading: Dogecoin Poised For 700% Explosion To $1.17 Amid Recovery In Major Metrics Therefore, he believes a similar pattern could play out with XRP. He noted that XRP was trading way lower than its current price level at some point when it was $0.006 in 2017, and no one imagined it would climb to an all-time high of $3.80. BarriC went on to claim that those saying XRP will never move in price “clearly don’t understand how crypto works.” The crypto analyst added that the “explosive price action” for XRP will definitely come at some point, and what is important is to have the “fortitude” to hold until that time comes. He also suggested that there was no better time than now to accumulate XRP, stating there is a benefit in accumulating when people either don’t know enough about the crypto or outright hate it.  This isn’t the first time that the crypto analyst has predicted that XRP will hit $1,000 at some point. Before now, he mentioned that XRP would hit this price level in the next five to ten years. He explained that this exponential price surge will happen thanks to the amount of money expected to flow into the crypto space.  He also alluded to the Spot Bitcoin ETFs and how they helped drive up Bitcoin’s price. He believes something similar can happen for XRP when institutional demand comes for the crypto token through an XRP ETF.  XRP Can Only Hit Three Figures At Most XRP YouTuber Moon Lambo has previously suggested that XRP’s price cannot go above three figures. He noted that there isn’t enough liquidity in the world to drive XRP’s price to such heights. He believes that mainstream adoption of XRP and liquidity flow will only cause XRP to rise to three digits, and it will still take “many market cycles” for XRP to even climb to such a price level. Related Reading: Kickstarting The Bitcoin Bull Run: Expert Says $70,000 Is The Level To Beat XRP possibly hitting three digits brings crypto analyst CryptoBull’s prediction into focus. The analyst recently predicted that XRP can climb to $154, although he didn’t state exactly when this will happen. Meanwhile, crypto analyst JackTheRippler predicted that XRP would rise to $100 when the legal battle between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)…
    • Ethereum Deposits At 4-Month High: Whales Preparing For Selloff?
      NewsBTC - 6 hours ago
      On-chain data shows that the Ethereum exchange netflow recently spiked significantly, a sign that could be bearish for the cryptocurrency’s price. Ethereum Exchange Netflow Registered A Large Positive Spike Recently In a new post on X, the market intelligence platform IntoTheBlock has discussed about the latest trend that has been occurring in the exchange netflow metric for Ethereum. The “exchange netflow” here refers to an on-chain indicator that tracks the net amount of any given cryptocurrency entering into or exiting the wallets associated with centralized exchanges. Related Reading: Injective (INJ) Buy Signal That Led To 700% & 555% Rallies Forms Again When this metric’s value is positive, it means that investors are depositing a net number of tokens on these platforms right now. Generally, one of the main reasons holders may transfer to the exchanges is for selling-related purposes, so this trend can have bearish implications for the asset’s price. On the other hand, the negative indicator implies the exchanges are currently bleeding supply as outflows are outpacing the inflows. Such a trend may be a sign that the investors are accumulating, which can naturally be bullish for the coin. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Ethereum exchange netflow since the start of the year 2024: The graph shows that the Ethereum exchange netflow has registered a positive spike recently. At the height of this spike, the exchanges received 140,660 ETH in net deposits. At the current price of the cryptocurrency, this amount is equivalent to almost $547 million. This is a huge amount and the largest net deposit spree these central entities have witnessed since January. “High inflows to exchanges are typically a sign of selling behavior, as people either try to claim profits or succumb to FUD,” notes the analytics firm. Interestingly, though, since these deposits have come, the asset’s price has increased. This could suggest that either the whales making the inflows haven’t pulled the trigger on selling these coins yet, or they never planned to sell to begin with. Of course, it’s also possible that the market demand has been able to absorb the selling if the whales have indeed sold. In the scenario where the whales made the deposits with the intention of selling but haven’t made the trade yet, Ethereum could feel a bearish effect. Related Reading: Altcoin Season Soon? Quant Says This Ethereum Pattern Could Suggest So It now remains to be seen how the cryptocurrency’s price will develop in the coming days and if these large deposits will play any visible role at all. ETH Price Ethereum had seen a pullback earlier, but the asset has managed to make a recovery, as its price is now once again floating above the $3,900 mark. Featured image from Dall-E,, chart from
    • $2.9 Billion In Mt. Gox Bitcoin On The Move For The First Time In 5 Years, Where Is It Headed?
      NewsBTC - 8 hours ago
      Mt. Gox, a bankrupt Bitcoin exchange based in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, has executed a large-scale Bitcoin transfer to several unknown wallets. This move has effectively spooked the broader cryptocurrency market, sparking concerns about potential selling pressures.  Mt Gox Transfers Over $2.9 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin On May 27, Blockchain analytics platform, Arkham Intelligence unveiled a massive Bitcoin transaction initiated by Mt. Gox. The bankrupt Bitcoin exchange transferred a whopping 42,830 BTC valued at $2.9 billion, into several unknown wallets, marking the first transfer in five years.  Related Reading: Crypto Analyst Predicts 28,900% Rally To $154 For XRP Price, Here’s When The reason for this transfer remains unclear, however, the transaction comes after Mt. Gox’s recent announcement of reorganization plans to compensate its creditors and customers who were victims of its hack attack and bankruptcy in February 2014. Furthermore, these large-scale transactions have unsettled the crypto market, with many speculating about the potential impact on Bitcoin’s value. One crypto member disclosed that it might be time to dump BTC, suggesting that a potential sell-off could significantly impact the market.  With Bitcoin already falling by 4.41% over the week, and trading below $70,000 at $67,834, a sell-off could trigger more price decreases for the cryptocurrency.  Mt. Gox Goes On BTC Transfer Spree Following its 42,830 Bitcoin transfer, Blockchain tracker and analytics platform, Whale Alert revealed that Mt. Gox had executed a series of transactions on the same day. With just a few hours between each transaction, Mt. Gox initiated over five large-scale Bitcoin transfers. The first two transfers discovered by Whale Alert involved 3,999 BTC and 8,239 BTC worth approximately $277.6 million and $565 million respectively. The subsequent transactions saw Mt. Gox transferring 14,057 BTC and 16,589 BTC, valued at about $966.3 million and $1.1 billion, respectively.  Mt. Gox’s largest transaction was a staggering 34,138 BTC valued at $2.3 billion, sent to an unknown wallet. The Bitcoin exchange also transferred another massive 32,137 BTC and 32,499 BTC, valued at approximately $2.1 billion and $2.2 billion respectively.  In total, Mt. Gox moved over 141,659 BTC worth more than $9.6 billion in a single day to several unidentified wallet addresses.  Mike Deutscher, a crypto analyst and avid Decentralized Finance (DeFi) supporter, has noted that such a significant Bitcoin transaction was likely to induce selling pressures in the Bitcoin market. He emphasized that any Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) related to Mt. Gox’s transfers should be viewed as a prime opportunity to accumulate more Bitcoin.  Related Reading: Crypto Analyst Says XRP Price Will Crash 80% To $0.10, What’s The Trigger? Additionally, Deutscher reassured community members, stating that he was not concerned about the possible impacts of Mt. Gox’s large-scale transactions on the market. He pointed to the Bitcoin exchange’s disclosure of its 200,000 Bitcoin reimbursement plans to creditors since January 2024 as grounds for his confidence.  Another crypto member, Mark Karpeles, also alleviated the community’s fears about Mt. Gox’s Bitcoin transfers. “As far as I know everything is fine with MtGox. The trustee is moving coins…
    • Bullish Bitcoin: Expert Cites $123,832 Target Based On Past Trends
      NewsBTC - 9 hours ago
      Amidst positive sentiment surrounding the cryptocurrency market, well-known crypto analyst and enthusiast Crypto Con has offered a bullish overview of Bitcoin by identifying historical patterns that indicate that the price of BTC might rise to $123,832 in the upcoming months. By analyzing past market behavior and trends, the expert has discovered crucial indicators that suggest Bitcoin’s potential to outperform previous highs and reach unprecedented heights.  Most Accurate Bitcoin Price Bands Crypto Con’s analysis delves into Bitcoin’s current behavior based on its price bands at several levels, particularly 3 levels, as shown in his chart. According to the analyst, level 3 is currently one of the most precise bands for the crypto asset, which is valued at $91,539. The expert noted that even with consolidation at level 2.5, the repercussions of this development are already becoming apparent. As a result, the major goal for BTC is reaching the level 3 price band. Related Reading: Bitcoin Price Aims Higher: Bullish Trend Signals New Peaks Ahead Furthermore, he underscored there has never been a cycle in which the top band of the cycle is not precisely touched, which is valued at $123,832, and this is currently witnessing an increase. Thus, at the conclusion of the Bitcoin parabola, the cycle top band will have its biggest growth. A further dive into BTC’s cycle top, Crypto Con has managed to pinpoint the past 2 accurate cycle tops, by employing basic indicators. Specifically, the bottom of the first early top (a yellow dot identified in his chart) in Green Year is when these patterns start. The lowest points of the trend that have been retested the most often are used by these patterns. However, Bitcoin recently reached the cycle’s line at the $74,000 price level, which is the problem. With BTC reaching a new all-time high a year ahead of schedule, it has created an unnatural collision with the trend. Due to this, the expert believes that the line this cycle based on BTC’s fast price action will not rule this cycle peak. So far, Crypto Con claims there will be unprecedented price movement, which will trigger some cycle top measures to break. However, it is still beneficial to pay attention to past trends in order to determine BTC’s price action. BTC Poised For 6-Figure Price Target As Bitcoin continues to display resilience, macro strategist Henrik Zeberg has also forecasted a 6-figure target for the digital assets in the coming months. Zeberg claims that the crypto asset is already preparing to enter an upward trend that began on May 20. Related Reading: Bitcoin To $100,000: Infamous Head And Shoulders Pattern Appears To Signal The Start Of Another Rally As a result, Zeberg anticipates an over 64% increase by the third of this year, putting his target between $110,000 and $115,000. According to the expert, a pattern of highs and lows will serve as a catalyst for the aforementioned price levels. Featured image from iStock, chart from
    • Forget Fear, Embrace Greed? Bitcoin Soars As Sentiment Turns Red Hot
      NewsBTC - 11 hours ago
      Bitcoin (BTC) continues its captivating dance near its all-time high, leaving investors to ponder whether it’s a victory lap or a prelude to a potential tumble. While the price sits stubbornly around $68,000, new data reveals a market brimming with “extreme greed,” according to the Crypto Fear and Greed Index. This suggests investors are piling on, fueled by the belief that the digital gold is on an unstoppable ascent. However, beneath the surface of this bullish fervor lurk shadows of potential setbacks. Let’s dissect the forces shaping Bitcoin’s trajectory. Related Reading: Floki Floats 22% On Marketing Blitz, Aims For ‘World’s Most Used Crypto’ Title Greed For Bitcoin Up The Fear and Greed Index at 74 paints a picture of a market intoxicated by optimism. Investors are chomping at the bit, accumulating more BTC in anticipation of a price surge. This bullish sentiment might very well be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but a note of caution is necessary. Historically, periods of extreme greed have often ended with sharp corrections. Profit Taking: The Looming Sell-Off? With BTC brushing shoulders with its all-time high, the allure of profit-taking becomes irresistible for some investors. The temptation to cash out and lock in gains could trigger a wave of selling, applying downward pressure on the price. This dynamic highlights the double-edged sword of profitability. While it bolsters sentiment, it can also ignite a sell-off if not managed strategically. Short-Term Holders: A Recipe For Volatility? The analysis also reveals a rise in short-term holders (STHs). These investors, unlike their long-term counterparts, are more likely to react impulsively to market fluctuations. A sudden dip in price could trigger panic selling from these STHs, leading to short-term volatility for Bitcoin. Related Reading: Polkadot (DOT) Price Prediction: Analyst Sparks Bullish Frenzy With $10 Target Greed: Bullish Sentiment The bullish sentiment fueled by the Fear and Greed Index is a positive force. However, the risks of profit-taking, short-term holder behavior, and potential future miner capitulation cannot be ignored. The coming days will be crucial in determining whether Bitcoin can overcome these hurdles and propel itself to new heights or succumb to a correction. Miners: A Force To Be Reckoned With Meanwhile, miners – the lifeblood of the Bitcoin network – play a crucial role in price stability. When miner revenue dips, they’re forced to sell their BTC holdings to cover operational costs. This selling pressure can significantly impact the price. However, the good news is that miner revenue has been on an upswing recently, alleviating some concerns about a miner-induced sell-off. Featured image from Getty Images, chart from TradingView
    • Why The Bitcoin Halving Is Not Priced In And What’s Next: Expert
      NewsBTC - 12 hours ago
      In his latest video update on YouTube, renowned crypto analyst Rekt Capital delved into the complex dynamics surrounding Bitcoin’s halving events, articulating a compelling case for why the market has yet to fully price in the halving which took place on April 19. Drawing on historical data and patterns, Rekt Capital provided an in-depth analysis of the cyclical nature of Bitcoin’s price movements post-halving, suggesting that substantial growth phases still lie ahead. Why The Bitcoin Halving Is Not Priced In Rekt Capital began by revisiting the historical impact of Bitcoin halvings, which occur approximately every four years and reduce the block reward received by miners by half. This constriction in supply, if demand remains constant or increases, typically leads to a significant price increase. “The Bitcoin halving is not priced in,” Rekt Capital asserted, pointing out that each previous halving led to a rally that not only reached but also surpassed previous all-time highs. “The halving every four years always precedes a fantastic surge in Bitcoin’s price action towards new all-time highs,” he noted. This consistent pattern forms a compelling narrative that the post-halving market dynamics are predictable to a degree, yet complex enough to remain partially unanticipated by the market. “Two phases remain in the cycle: The Post-Halving Re-Accumulation phase (red) and the Parabolic Rally phase (green),” he stated. Related Reading: Parabolic Rally In The Making? Bitcoin Regains $70,000 As Traders’ Paper Profits Collapse To 3% Focusing on the reaccumulation phase that traditionally follows each halving, Rekt Capital highlighted that this phase typically lasts about 160 days. During this period, the market often sees a consolidation of price before a breakout leads to a parabolic rally. “We are currently in a reaccumulation period again in this cycle. This is post-halving reaccumulation,” he stated, emphasizing the significance of this phase in setting the stage for the next bull run. The analyst elaborated on the nature of these cycles, noting deviations in the current trends compared to past cycles. “This cycle is exhibiting an accelerated rate, with new all-time highs appearing 260 days prior to the halving, a first in Bitcoin’s history,” he explained. Such deviations suggest that while historical patterns provide a roadmap, each cycle can introduce new dynamics that affect market behavior. Related Reading: Bitcoin Bargains: Expert Reveals Ideal Buy Zones For Maximum Gain Rekt Capital did not overlook the potential risks and market corrections that could occur. He warned of the initial rejection often seen after reaching the high range of post-halving prices, a trend noted in previous cycles. “Every time we’ve seen an initial attempt to get to the range high resistance after the halving, that first attempt after the halving is one that rejects,” he explained. This observation is crucial for investors expecting immediate gains post-halving, as it tempers overly optimistic expectations with a realistic view of possible short-term retracements. The analyst also addressed the issue of diminishing returns in successive cycles, a factor that seasoned Bitcoin investors watch closely. While each cycle’s peak has historically…
    • Riot Proposes Acquisition of Bitfarms to ‘Create the World’s Largest Publicly Listed Bitcoin Miner’
      Bitcoin News - 1 hour ago
      Riot Platforms has announced a proposal to acquire Bitfarms to create “the world’s largest publicly listed bitcoin miner.” This offer includes cash and Riot stock, representing a 24% premium. Despite the initial rejection from Bitfarms’ Board, the proposal will be directly presented to shareholders. Riot asserts that the acquisition will establish a vertically integrated, geographically […]
    • Solana’s Penguiana $PENGU Token Launch On Raydium Surpasses $1M Valuation, Sets Stage For GUIANA NFT Minting
      Bitcoin News - 1 hour ago
      In a remarkable showcase of growth and enthusiasm, Penguiana, the unique penguin-themed meme coin on the Solana blockchain, has successfully launched its $PENGU token on Raydium. Buy $PENGU here on Raydium. This milestone comes after a highly successful presale, confirming strong investor interest and community support. As the $PENGU token gains traction on the market, […]
    • Blackrock’s IBIT Nears Grayscale’s GBTC in Bitcoin Reserves
      Bitcoin News - 2 hours ago
      According to the latest statistics, U.S. spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) experienced ten consecutive days of positive inflows. Notably, during a third of those days, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) faced outflows and neutral activity. Conversely, Blackrock’s IBIT saw inflows on most of the ten trading days. Blackrock’s IBIT and Grayscale’s GBTC Neck and Neck in […]
    • TRON Network Officially Supported By LayerZero
      Bitcoin News - 4 hours ago
      PRESS RELEASE. Geneva, Switzerland, May 28, 2024 – The TRON DAO has officially announced LayerZero support for the TRON blockchain, making TRON the second non-EVM chain to be integrated into LayerZero’s cross-chain interoperability protocol. This significant development allows TRON ecosystem developers to seamlessly expand their applications to over 70 other networks supported by LayerZero. LayerZero […]
    • ‘Spraying’ Naira Notes Causes Depreciation, Warns Nigerian Anti-Graft Body
      Bitcoin News - 4 hours ago
      The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has issued a warning against the practice of spraying naira notes at social events, emphasizing that it diminishes the dignity of the currency. In a recent post on its official X page, the Nigerian anti-graft agency urged residents to respect the naira and avoid ridiculing it. The EFCC […]
    • UK Digital Bank Blocks Clients From Performing Crypto Transactions
      Bitcoin News - 5 hours ago
      The London-based digital bank Kroo has barred its clients from engaging in cryptocurrency transactions, joining other U.K.-based banks in this decision. The bank cites the increasing cases of online fraud incidents involving cryptocurrencies as the reason for this move. Kroo to Decline Cryptocurrency-Related Bank Transfer Requests London-based digital bank Kroo has barred its customers from […]
    • South Korean Bitcoin Premium Rises to 2.23% Amid Market Volatility
      Bitcoin News - 6 hours ago
      This week, bitcoin’s price briefly exceeded $70,000 per coin before declining after the movement of Mt Gox bitcoins, yet the premium for bitcoin in South Korea has significantly increased. Having fallen below the 1% range, the premium on South Korean exchanges has now climbed to 2.23%. Bitcoin Premium in South Korea Grows Bitcoin (BTC) saw […]
    • Artdollar (AD) Is Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange
      Bitcoin News - 7 hours ago
      PRESS RELEASE. Road Town, BVI, May 28, 2024 – In a significant move for cryptocurrency and mobile technology enthusiasts, LBank Exchange, a premier global digital asset trading platform, has announced the listing of Artdollar (AD) on May 28, 2024. Users of LBank Exchange can brace themselves for the AD/USDT trading pair, which went live already. […]
    • Solana Passes Proposal to Assign 100% of Priority Fees to Validators
      Bitcoin News - 7 hours ago
      Solana validators have voted to pass Solana Improvement Document number 96 (SIMD-0096), which proposes that 100% of priority transaction fees will be awarded to validators. This breaks the current model that passes only 50% of these funds to validators, while the other half gets burned. According to early estimations, this will increase inflation by 4.6% […]
    • Former FTX Executive Ryan Salame Sentenced to 7.5 Years for Criminal Charges
      Bitcoin News - 7 hours ago
      Former FTX executive Ryan Salame was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison by Judge Lewis Kaplan of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York after pleading guilty to criminal charges, including engaging in an unlawful political influence campaign and operating an unlicensed money transmitting business. Salame, who once […]
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