Turbos Finance
Overview, Markets and Information
$ 14,484,241
24h Trading Volume
Ƀ 233
24h Trading Volume (BTC)

Turbos Finance, DEX for all, is a non-custodial liquidity layer built on top of the Sui Network invested by Jump Crypto and Mysten Labs. We offer an efficient and composable automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange with the Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (CLMM) model and derivatives trading features.

Year Established2023
CountryBritish Virgin Islands
Has Trading IncentiveNo
Turbos Finance Markets
CoinPairVolumeVolume (BTC)Volume (USD)Volume %
Sui0X2::SUI::/0X5D4B30255,266,912Ƀ 140$ 8,608,48059.43%
Tether Usd Wormhole 0XC0600061/0X5D4B3025811,746Ƀ 12$ 775,8805.36%
Haedal Staked Sui0XBDE4BA4C/0X2::SUI::126,615Ƀ 3$ 203,3151.40%
Turbos Finance0X5D1F47EA/0X2::SUI::50,964,500Ƀ 2$ 172,9691.19%
Fud The Pug0X76CB819B/0X2::SUI::673,658,382,512Ƀ 2$ 133,6590.92%
Turbos Finance0X5D1F47EA/0X5D4B302525,488,708Ƀ 1$ 86,4620.60%
Sui0X2::SUI::/0XC06000615,472Ƀ 0$ 8,9420.06%
Volo Staked Sui0X549E8B69/0X2::SUI::3,309Ƀ 0$ 5,3450.04%
Sacabam0X9A550241/0X2::SUI::69,105,224,323Ƀ 0$ 3,4610.02%
Fud The Pug0X76CB819B/0X5D4B302511,532,837,623Ƀ 0$ 2,2880.02%
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